Senior and Mature Adults

Aging might mean contending with injuries and aches, but it certainly does not remove the possibility of physical fitness and well-being. In fact, IMAC has a program specifically designed for older adults. The program includes stretching, cardio pad drills (no fighting) Self-defence and core exercise.

Everyone can use self-defence training to build confidence and a sense of safety, but seniors have unique needs. If you want to train yourself in defense, IMAC classes specifically target seniors and mature adults. Our instructor will know what moves are most beneficial to learn and provide techniques that you will be able to perform. As always, speak to him or her about your physical needs and limitations, and he or she will work with you to find moves you can safely execute.
Before joining any martial arts, make sure it caters to seniors. Having a teacher who understands your needs is unbelievably valuable and will provide a rewarding experience. No matter your age, it is never too late to enjoy physical fitness through martial arts,