About IMAC

Island Martial Arts Center is a family of traditional Tae Kwon Do schools which have over 20 years of experience teaching, shaping, and building the character and lives of 1000’s of students in the CBRM.

We believe Take Kwon Do is more that just kicking and punching.  Our programs place equal value on the mental and inner development of our students.  Benefits of Island Martial Arts Center training include increased focus, creativity and stress reduction, anti-bullying strategies, self-defence, physical fitness and more.
Taekwondo, the Korean art of self-defence, was first introduced to Canada in 1964 by our late and humble Grand Master Chong Lee, 9th Dan, and introduced to Sydney by Master Chong Lee in 1972.

For children, the benefits of taekwondo are well recognized and multiple. Well guided by our qualified instructors, children acquire discipline, focus, self-respect as well as respect for others and their environment. It is not unusual to observe improvements in academic performance as well. At Island Martial Arts Center, parents can follow their children’s progress from the Parent room which offers a great view onto the dojang (gymnasium).

The best way to get in touch with us at Island Martial Arts Center is to make an appointment, give us a call to come in today!